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"...it works, if you work it..." 

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Life that is out of balance, substance abuse, compulsive behaviors and addictions can narrow our life experiences and stand in the way of long-term satisfaction and joy. Recovery Key brings you a comprehensive roadmap to life that is more balanced and satisfying, to meaningful, long lasting recovery and relapse prevention.  With our expertise in addictions, mental health and wellness, your experiences and values important to you, with Recovery Key you unlock the door to meaningful and lasting recovery from what hasn't been working. 

Grounded in evidence based clinical approaches and thousands of years of mindfulness based traditions, Recovery Key helps you jumpstart and continue recovery.  It helps you to stay focused, maintain clarity, keeping your eye on what is important to you in times of calm as well as struggle.  It helps you to stop living on auto pilot where life events and triggers go unnoticed, where intentions don’t materialize, where you don’t live the life you really want.  

Always with you, Recovery Key helps you to capture and navigate real time experiences including urges to use old behaviors.  It provides a platform to track your mood and other experiences, to intentionally check in with yourself,  to note and observe what is happening - well before you are triggered to point of "no return".  

You get to track, archive and forward invaluable real time information to your supports directly from Recovery Key if you choose. With our graphs you can see patterns emerge.  Recovery Key users also report great benefits from features such as the daily affirmations, gratitude, the recovery/ sobriety counter, meditation recordings, the integrated features connecting users with support systems and helpful  "people, places and things". 

If you desire more clarity on how to get where you want to be or how to make changes stick - connect them with personally meaningful values.  The Recovery Key "My Life" section with "Life Domains"  and "Values" were designed for that very purpose.  You identify what matters most to you and set goals to keep you on track. 

Still unsure about change? Within the "Emergency Plan" section, you will also find tools to navigate ambivalence and have access to reminders and rewards to help you stay on track.  

Last but not least, who wouldn't benefit from more support.  As a member of the Recovery Key community you will also have access to our closed on-line group to broaden your support base, see what is working for others, gain access to podcasts, events and special offers to nurture your recovery process further.  Watch Recovery Key App trailer and see more at RK Features.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at: recoverykeyapp@gmail.com

If you would like to know what Recovery Key users are saying, see "all versions" reviews of Recovery Key App on the App Store. 

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