Lotus Consulting provides a variety of wellness and mental health services.  Our work ranges from consulting, training and education to prevention, assessment and treatment. Treatment-wise, we offer general as well as specialized mental health assessment and treatment, with particular focus in and years of experience with:  compulsive behaviors, addictions, eating disorders and anxiety concerns.

The assistance we provide to companies, groups, families and individuals includes mindfulness based programs such as: “Climate Change In Work Environment”, “Parenting With Presence”, “Centering In Recovery” and “Mindful Way Through Anxiety”.  Similar to the “Lotus Effect” – allowing the lotus flower to emerge pristine from muddy waters - Lotus Consulting provides mindfulness based services to organizations and groups, individuals, couples and families undergoing or desiring personal or professional growth and change, healing and recovery.  Helping individuals and groups capitalize on their strengths, Lotus Consulting has had many years’ privilege of witnessing client growth and change, cultivating what matters to our clients, and leaving behind unhelpful thinking and behaviors, lack of focus, clarity and motivation.

Find more information at http://www.lotusconsultingpllc.com and the link below.