Maximize the benefits of Recovery Key, using all five sections of the app: Understanding Myself, Emergency Plan, My Life, Progress and Reminders. Increase your awareness and practice being present with Understanding Myself sections.  Note your mood, thoughts, urge levels and more.  Set your intention for the day and utilize our or your affirmations to stay focused on what matters to you.  Save and forward your data if you would like and see it all connected in the Recovery Key Progress domain.  

Find yourself struggling or wanting to prepare yourself for set backs? Recovery Key Emergency Plan is here just for that.  You can practice today and any day with our audio-recordings.  You can Take a Break with Recovery Key, and navigate ambivalence with Old and New section, where you can unpack and save familiar scenarios. 

Use Recovery Key or other personally meaningful Reminders to keep you on track. 

Use RK My Life section to highlight Life Domains, Values and goals currently most important to you.  Recovery Key is here to help you weave those in your recovery, so that your efforts are personally meaningful and long lasting. 

Are you a visual person? We have you covered. Our Progress section "connects the dots for you".  Want to know how mood and urges relate?Just save your Understanding Myself entries and we connect it for you. Want to know how well you are doing in various domains of your life? Once you designate those important to you and values as well as goals within them, Recovery Key reminders help you stay on track and our graphs give you a visual summary of your progress, goal completion and more. 

The Rewards section adds a nice touch to your work. 

See examples of our screens under each of the 5 sections on this page and use the actual app "i" icon to learn more about each feature within each section.  If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us! 


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